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Prevention? Vitality? What's the difference?

TreeThere is more than one reason to visit a chiropractor.

A man with severe low-back pain might look over at the cheery woman reading a magazine in my reception room and say "what the heck does SHE need a chiropractor for?"  

Read the three reasons people visit a chiropractor, and guess which one she is.  


It's a fact that most patients visit a chiropractor for the first time because they have pain due to an injury.   Chiropractors are the most trained and trusted practitioners in the field of spinal care, so it only makes sense that a person is compelled to visit us when their back goes bad.  Sports chiropractors who practice ART are also able to provide treatment for injuries to the shoulders, hips, knees and calves, or any sport-related injury.  


Chiropractic is proven to prevent the relapse of spinal pain.  Regular adjustments can improve the health and mobility of your spine, and prolong the health of your spine.   A lot of our regular patients visit us every month (or more) for prevention, kind of like visiting their dentist.  I really admire patients who make it to this step, because they are usually doing enough to maintain the health of their spines, and will continue to see benefits for as long as they receive care.  


Are you getting adjusted because you are afraid of painful relapses, or because you want to live life to the fullest?  This is a subtle difference, but is the difference between seeking prevention and seeking vitality.  If you are seeking prevention, then you probably are not aware of how much chiropractic can benefit you.  

The concept of chiropractic for wellness care is based on the fact that your spine contains and protects your spinal cord, which can effect every cell in your body (not just your spine).   Adjustments are intended to:

  • normalize your stress level, and the function of your organs 
  • improve the function of your nerves where they exit the spinal cord
  • improve the performance of every muscle from the top of your neck to the tips of your toes
  • strengthen your immune system

Chiropractic care is not just about rescuing people from pain (although we certainly love to do that), it is about providing care to help them live their life with health and vitality.  If that smiling patient in the waiting room is you, congratulations!  If somebody asks you why are YOU here then tell them:

"I get adjusted because I love my body, and I love life!"